Hi! We are David and Rob, a husband and husband team specializing in wedding and elopement photography.

Soon after we met we became inseparable. Falling in love sparked a passion in us for documenting other people’s love stories and connection with each other. Being a same sex couple, we were never able to take love for granted.
Our mission is to be storytellers for people from all walks of life, and celebrate love in each and every form.

Traveling and getting to experience new places and cultures together has also been a big passion for us. We are deeply grateful for all the opportunities photography has allowed us, and for all the people we’ve met along the way.

winter portrait of man in snow


My photography journey began in middle school doing photoshoots of my sister, Angie. Saturday mornings while we were home alone was the time of our lives. It wasn’t until after I graduated college that I bought my first professional camera and learned as much as I could about photography techniques and editing styles until I found my own voice.

I am a fan of the craftsmanship and aesthetic of old and vintage things, specifically the 1920’s. Through photography I strive to create images that convey authentic feelings, and will stand the test of time. I keep in mind that the images I create will one day form part of someone else’s legacy.


I began an unexpected journey in photography soon after meeting David. The way he used his camera and was so passionate about photography really inspired me. I started going on photoshoots with him and before I knew it I had his camera in my hand trying to do the same exact thing. What was once his passion soon became mine as well.

Before meeting David I saw a camera as just a camera and a picture as just a picture. After many photoshoots and many hours sitting next to David watching him edit, they were not longer that; they were invaluable tools to capture some of people’s most special life events and bring us back to otherwise forgotten moments.

portrait of man sitting on a cherry blossom tree

Some of Our Adventures


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