Couple reading love letters to each other on their wedding day

Our Approach to Photography

We all see and feel the world differently. Choosing a photographer is about choosing who will tell the story of your wedding day. Like a painter, each artist will paint the same moment through a different perspective. We believe your photographer should be someone who’s work resonates with you, and who shares your vision for how your story should be told.

Couple eloping in the mountains


Love > Tradition


Tradition is not for everyone. Often times the vision of friends and family doesn’t match the vision for how a couple wants to celebrate their marriage. You have the power to create a wedding day that is perfect for you, to say your vows just the way you want to, and decide who gets to witness this intimate moment. What matters the most in the end is creating a day that is truly representative of you and your values, and centered around celebrating your love.




Being a same sex couple ourselves, our goal is to celebrate and document love in each and every form. We know first hand the struggle of many people to find acceptance for who they love, and feel privileged to be able to tell the love story of couples from all walks of life. Words from one of the couples we’ve worked with: “We want nothing more than a couple who has walked a similar path as us and understands what it’s like to find love and happiness to document this once in a lifetime moment!”




We understand that no two couples are alike. When working with you, we want to capture your unique personalities both as a couple and as individuals. We want these images to be a reflection of the genuine moments and emotions that bond you together. Whatever fire you burn, let’s throw more wood into it.




We believe vulnerability is essential to capture the most pure and natural emotions. As photographers, it is our goal to earn your full trust to allow you to be vulnerable. It’s beautiful when you and the people around you are not afraid to let those emotions show. We want to be there to capture the smiles, tears,  and everything in between.


Honest Moments


We believe some of the most meaningful images are usually those of unplanned moments. When document your wedding, we want to let the day unfold naturally and focus on capturing the real emotions and interactions between you and the people around you. Your wedding day should be stress free, and we hope to help ease that stress by allowing you to be present in the moment focused only on enjoying your day and the people around you.




The world has so many unique and beautiful locations, and experiencing these places is when we feel the most alive. The weather isn’t always perfect, but it’s in these imperfect moments that we can be the most creative by improvising and using the natural elements. We will run through the rain with you, jump into a freezing pond with you, climb that mountain with you, and shiver under the stars waiting for the perfect sunrise with you.

Does This Sound Like What You're Looking For?


You deserve to celebrate your wedding day in a way that is perfect for you, and we would love to be part of this unforgettable journey with you!


Do you travel for weddings?

Where are you located?

Absolutely. Get in touch with us with your wedding details and we will create a custom package for you based on your unique needs. We provide all-inclusive pricing, so you don't have to worry about our travel expenses.

We are based out of Sioux City Iowa, but you can often find us on the road. We are available for work anywhere in the United States and worldwide, so let's meet and create something beautiful! Travel Calendar.

When can we expect to receive our images?

What's your pricing?

The typical turnaround type for weddings/elopements is 5-7 weeks. For couples/engagement sessions the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

We have all-inclusive packages for different locations both in the United States and abroad. You can view our starting prices here.

How will we receive our images?

Do you offer video?

Full resolution images will be delivered in a sharable online gallery available for direct download.

At the moment we are exclusively focused on photography, so we are not offering video. We love working alongside other videographers though, and can provide you with a list of quality referrals!

Are you Insured?

We definitely are!