On September 23th, 11 days prior to their 4th wedding anniversary, Mario & Angie renewed their vows at the Maroon Bells in Aspen Colorado. We spent the entire drive up to the Maroon Bells admiring the changing leave colors, and anxious to arrive before the sun set. The evening quickly turned to night, and we were left almost in complete darkness, but satisfied with the experience.

The following are some of the words they exchanged with each other. Some pop culture references, others song lyrics, but all things that connect them.

You are the ‘I Love You’ to my ‘I know”
“I love you as much as Peter Parker loves Mary Jane”
“If I could find assurance to leave you behind, I know my better half would fade”
“I solemnly swear to rub your feet, so long as you protect me from spiders”
“I promise to compliment your hair everyday”

Elopement couple in Aspen Colorado Maroon Bells during fall
black and white portrait of couple leaning in to kiss

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