Couple canoeing at Piney River Ranch during their adventure elopement in Colorado

Adventure Elopement Near Vail Colorado

Alex and Adrian wanted their wedding day to be about themselves, stress free and surrounded by beautiful scenery. When they found a tiny house nestled in the mountains near Vail Colorado they knew it would be the perfect place for their elopement day. They both traveled with their chocolate lab, Oso, and spent a few days road-tripping through Colorado. They also enjoyed calm moments together at the airbnb tiny house.

For their ceremony, Alex and Adrian decided to have a self-solemnized ceremony. Colorado is one of the few states where couples don’t need an officiant, and it’s a great way to have a truly intimate ceremony and exchange of vows. Oso was their only guest and dog of honor! He was so excited all day enjoying the celebration with his parents.

After their ceremony Alex and Adrian spent the rest of the day adventuring together in the mountains. They went canoeing at Piney River Ranch, and ended the day by hiking up to see the sunset together. The fall foliage made the already beautiful landscapes even more breathtaking. Alex and Adrian truly created a stress-free elopement day centered around celebrating their love and enjoying what they love doing together!

Vail is a gorgeous town and and destination for people looking for a getaway or wanting to explore the mountains in Colorado. There are many locations nearby ideal for an elopement ceremony or adventuring on your elopement day.

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